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Resident Drunk
Resident Drunk
I have updated the usergroups, everyone who is participating in the Shattered Planes Campaign should be within one of the two groups, Oxford or Ann Arbor. A way to check and see if you are within one of these groups is to look at the Shattered Planes forum section. If you can see BOTH the Oxford and Ann Arbor roleplay forums, it either means I fucked up the configuration, or you have not been placed in one of the groups. If you can see both, please tell me and I will see if it is one of these two possible problems.

I reason I have done this is so the two groups may roleplay independently without any chance of one group spoiling the other's adventure (You are bound to make different choices, I don't want you to know what you could have done.). I also plan on writing summaries in the style of a story for each of your adventures. I think it'll help shed light on things you may have missed in the module either due to my poor DMing or your poor attention span. Also, It'll just be fun for me.

Oxford group, I set the deadline for you, if you don't give me your sheets by then, you will be unable to play for at least the first chapter of the adventure (Roughly 3 modules). So get to it, please.

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