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Drama Incoming; The God of Death *DEPRECIATED*

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1 Drama Incoming; The God of Death *DEPRECIATED* on Thu Dec 02, 2010 12:24 pm


Resident Drunk
Resident Drunk
Well it seems that my amazing luck has bought me something that perhaps I did not seek. While I gained a great power through the death of a god, it also gave me a curse. Now, I have to name someone to be the new god of death.

When I do so, this individual will lose all control of their character, their character sheet is handed over to the DM, and for all intensive purposes, that character is dead to the rest of the world.

This is something I have to do at the next meet.

It isn't a choice I want to make, but its going to be one of us. If you so happen to be the one I choose, I assure you, it is not because I'm out to get you or because I don't like you. I will always supply a proper roleplayed reason for my character making the choice. Just remember, its not me deciding, it's Stu. His prejudices and relationships will control every aspect of his choice. You should know by now that remaining in character is one of the most important things to me when it comes to situations like this, and I will hold myself to the highest standards of roleplaying for a choice like this.

In lieu of this decision, please don't start yelling and screaming, its out of your control. Just pick up the pieces and start again, thats what the game is about.

Try to put a positive spin on it, your character will be the most feared god in the universe. Immortalized.

Thats about it, I always like to hear your guys' comments on subjects like this. Go for it.

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Oh lordy

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