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Nightfall's Verion of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air *DEPRECIATED*

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Sexy Beast
So at lunch today, Sam and Julian proposed the idea that Nightfall should have his own version of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme. So with some help and a lot of thinking and writing for most of 4th hour, I finished most of it. I need help to finish it.

So this is the story all about how,
my life got twist and turned upside down,
So if you like a take a seat and sit right there,
I tell you how I entered this terrible nightmare.

In West Basala found and raised,
Outside of the forest is where I spent most of my days,
Chillin' out, standin' out, askin' questions like a fool,
Makin' some orbs trying to be cool,
Then a couple of thugs who were up to no good,
Started strollin' through the neighborhood,
I got shot one little time and Stu got scared and he said,
"You better stay here, you don't know what goes on out there."
I screamed and complained, then Stu came near,
And used Mage Hand and made the pain disappear,
If anything I thought it felt weird,
But now forget it, so I played my lyre.

Any ideas on how to end it?

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