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Catch Up 7/31/10

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This is continued right from “Into the Desert”

Previously with Team Rape and Pillage
Much to everyone’s horror the dagger in Stu’s stomach begins to twist around, and only Dahlia can see the pixie twisting the dagger and the hordes of pixies flying in a circle around the party. Mots suddenly goes blind and Elros has his sword smacked into his face. Stu uses his minor blood manipulation to take his blood and push it back inside him. He concentrates too hard and his blood goes to the back of his body, making his back look like a giant hickey. Urijoshi uses fire shuriken at the air above Mots, thinking that there was a pixie. There wasn’t, and she starts a massive forest fire that begins to move toward Basala. The hordes of pixies soon disappear and Dahlia points in the direction of where her home is. Grabbing the burlap bag off her face, Mots, Dahlia, and Elros move to where the pixie kingdom is. Deast and Urijoshi try to put the fire out, he using his air elemental to push it in a different direction, and she trying to use animate water on the river. Their efforts cause the fire to gain in strength, and move in a different direction, saving Basala from imamate destruction. The group soon makes it to the outskirts of pixie town. The town is surrounded by a protective bubble warping the trees around it. Everyone but Dahlia cannot see inside, and what Dahlia sees is her people laughing at her friends and their crazy attempts to get inside. After a few attempts at trying to get inside, Stu gets an idea. Dahlia is then kidnapped and taken inside. Stu curses because he doesn’t have anything to write his explosive rune, but Elros is kind enough to pound Stu’s non-writing hand into a broken, bloody pulp. With that, Stu begins to write out the biggest rune ever to date. The group runs back and begins to try and decipher the rune. By doing so, the rune detonates, destroying the barrier and thousands of pixies inside. The group steps inside, and what they brings mix reactions. Pixie homes and businesses are in ruins, bodies lie everywhere, and babes scream for their dead mothers. Having completed genocide the group walks further into the leveled city. Dahlia is spotted puking over seeing her one best pixie friend in the debris. Her ears are bleeding, because she too was caught in the blast. Her mother, the queen, and her sister and bodyguard come out of the half-ruined castle and begin to rough up Dahlia even more. The castle’s thick walls had protected them from the blast. Styx and Stu cast the spells acid arrow and fire ball at the queen destroying her. Dahlia’s sister pulls out a dagger and puts it toward Dahlia’s mouth threatening to kill her. Urijoshi uses unseen servant and rips the wings off of the sister’s body. The sister jerks and cuts Dahlia cheek open. Mots uses ice daggers to finish the sister off. The guard kicks Dahlia in the mouth to try and kill her but only breaks a tooth. Elros runs towards them, pulls out his arquebus, and fires at the guard who implodes. Stu sees Dahlia’s face in tatters and cast mend on her face. Dahlia’s face turns back to normal and she loots what’s left of her home town. She finds a letter of termination of her life on her mother and a golden tooth. Just before everyone goes home, those who had used the deck of many things are transported to hell. They are all sent to their own personal hell and the god of death promises them that if they escape, they can go free. Stu mocks the god to the point of no return and has everyone transported to an arena. The god changes the rules and declares “If Stu wins the fight against me, everyone goes free, but if he loses, everyone dies.” To make it fair the god changes to his human form and removes some unfair weapons. Stu goes in and starts spamming mirror images and shocking grasp every other turn. Death is amused at first but starts to get really pissed. Death finally stabs Stu, and in a one last act of desperation, Stu cast hypnotism. He tests it out and orders the god to spin and lay on the floor. The god does so, and Stu cast shocking grasp one more time, then finally decapitates the god. Everyone is transported back to the store where they meet Mots and Elros. Mots checks her insanity and is stricken with amnesia. No one notices but when Urijoshi asks for 15,000 gold, and Mots gave it to her with no strings attached, everyone has a feeling that something is up. Mots walks out of the store with a glassy eye daze. Stu convinces Dahlia to play with his Deck of Many Thing and she is turned into a centaur. Dahlia quickly proves her identity to everyone else because they did not notice the change.

What happens next to this group? Find out next time on,
Team Rape and Pillage!

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2Catch Up 7/31/10 Empty Re: Catch Up 7/31/10 on Sun Aug 01, 2010 11:48 am

Dahlia wasn't kidnapped, actually, she just went into the village without everybody else. We'll say it's because she didn't realize everyone else wasn't following her.

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3Catch Up 7/31/10 Empty Re: Catch Up 7/31/10 on Sun Aug 01, 2010 1:49 pm


It's not really a team effort since some people were left behind.

4Catch Up 7/31/10 Empty Re: Catch Up 7/31/10 on Sun Aug 01, 2010 11:06 pm

@Andrew: It was still a team effort. No one was told to stay behind in Basala when we left. Anyone could have come.

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5Catch Up 7/31/10 Empty Re: Catch Up 7/31/10 on Mon Aug 02, 2010 5:35 pm


Sexy Beast
i inserted myself like halfway into the adventure

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