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Da Rules and Recommended Reading

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1Da Rules and Recommended Reading Empty Da Rules and Recommended Reading on Mon Mar 26, 2012 3:13 pm

Rules of the forum, courtesy of Kaitie:

1. Third person speak. Your character is not you (mentioned below). Rachael's note: Address other characters by their names.
2. Going with that, don't get angry at a REAL person over what a character does.
3. Any and all combat will be honestly rolled. Rachael's note: I would advise against getting into combat in general; it's a pain on the forums, and you can just do it in the next module if need be. If you really must, there are dice built in to the forum someplace. I'll update this when I find them.
4. If you need an NPC, pm the DM.
5. Your character is your character, not you (also mentioned below).
6. Any business transactions will carry over to modules.
8. Family/friends/other people your character knows need character sheets that will be turned in to the public. Of course, sheets won't be necessary for little nothing one-shot characters.
9. Posts must have a point, unless they are in the stupid shit section.
10. (Rachael again) If you take control of another player's character, I will find and injure you. Right:"Kaer swings at Stu's face." Wrong:"Kaer punches Stu in the face."

Suggestions for not being a terrible player, courtesy of Rachael:

Protip #1: Consider the Meet Code of Conduct Speaks for itself. Generally good ideas.

Protip #2: Don't be this guy. Nobody likes this guy (yes, he's serious, and it makes us all cry). Your character is not the main character. Nobody cares about their deep turmoil, their dark fallen angel rainbow wings, or what brand of soap they use. You shouldn't need miles of description of your character's clothes and weapons, and if you need to describe their personality in depth in game, I will throw you out a window because you are a crap roleplayer. Nobody walks up to you and gives you a summary of their personality. You figure it out from your interactions with them, and that is how it should be in game as well.
2a) I have much more ranting on the subject, so if you still don't get it, feel free to crack this open:
Let's look at some examples of character description:
1) A tall, attractive young human woman dressed in well-worn leather steps into the room. She carries a fine elm bow and is accompanied by a tousled old grey wolf. Her posture implies confidence and strength. To nobody in particular, she says expectantly, "I am Elyra."

2) Suddenly, the door opens and all men in the room are immediately transfixed. A 6'2" human woman with size D breasts that bounce with her step walks through the door. She is wearing a tight black leather corset that shows her ample cleavage, a wide brown leather belt with grayish-green studs given to her by her mother's cousin, six blue hairpins shaped like butterflies to keep her silky brown hair in place, dark brown tight leather pants and high-heeled boots with gold accents. She carries a powerful-looking bow with fine gold accents made by elves and has turquoise daggers with titanium blades that can kill a man instantly in her boots. Her wolf has dark red eyes like a demon wolf and follows her everywhere and will protect her with his life and kills men with his diamond-tipped claws. She looks like a confident, sexy woman who can take care of herself because she has no parents and she has been through elven combat training, giving her superhuman strength. Sexily, she says, "I am Elyra" and waits for the men to stop drooling.

Those two posts could easily be about the exact same character, but which one makes you look more like a dickbag? That's what I thought. Also note how intro #2 took over other characters- it's just assumed that they all start drooling. Maybe one of the men in the room was gay, or not attracted to human women. This is a jerk move and won't be allowed- see the rules.
Protip #3: Stay true to your character. You may be mortified at the killing of that rabbit, but if your character wouldn't, don't play them that way. Maybe you would stay quiet and wait for that dragon to pass, but if your character wouldn't, have them run out in front of it playing an accordion in a party hat. DnD is about getting out of your own skin.

Protip #4: Keep it light, have fun. Crack some jokes. Don't spend all your time brooding over your sixth cousin twice removed's death.

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Resident Drunk
Resident Drunk
The dice roller is located just below the text input box when you post a reply.

If you do get into combat, I suggest rolling both your damage roll and your d20 in the same post. Rolling dice causes you to post twice; once for your text, and once for the result of your dice, so it'll help cut down on spam if you combine the two rolls. If you miss, you miss, if you hit you apply the damage. Pretty simple.

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