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Class: Blood Mage

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1Class: Blood Mage Empty Class: Blood Mage on Sun Mar 25, 2012 9:02 pm


Resident Drunk
Resident Drunk
Okay, I have fleshed out the blood mage class to the point at which I think it can be test driven. I won't really know if any of the spells are broken or can be exploited until I actually play around with the class and work the kinks out, sorta like playtesting a video game. Here is the class info as well as the available spell list.

The blood mage is meant to be a utility caster with a smaller array of significant damage dealing spells.


The blood mage is, by all accounts, a standard wizard. However, unlike most wizard, blood mages
don't channel raw energy from their spellbooks, instead they use their own blood, or the blood of others, as a source of power for their spells and rituals. Blood mages store the knowledge of their trade on their flesh, in the form of blood runes. A new rune is inscribed somewhere on their body each time they learn a new blood magic spell. These runes are usually unsightly, as such, blood mages lose 1 charisma per caster level achieved. Blood mages can manipulate any type of blood, however only fresh, natural blood may be used as a source of power.

Due to the brutal nature of blood magic, blood mages may not be of any good alignment. Should a blood mage change to a good alignment, they will lose all spells from the blood school. Due to the blood magic school's close relation to necromancy, those who practice blood magic may not learn any spells from the Illusion or Abjuration schools.

Main stats: Constitution, Intelligence

Note: Some spells require an amount of blood that is great enough to cause damage to the mage, this damage is listed at the end of the valid spells.

Level 0-
Blood Rune- Functions as Arcane Mark (Players Handbook 1).

Consume- By drawing blood from either a freshly killed target or willing donor, the blood mage may heal himself for 1d4 per level. Willing donors take half of the healed amount in damage.

Stabilize- By halting the blood flowing out of the wound, the blood mage is able to stabilize a dying companion by passing a DC 10 check.

Feign Death- The blood mage is able to appear dead for 30 minutes per level. Defeated by a DC 20 +5 per caster level spot check.

Empowerment- The blood mage may draw blood, to empower a valid spell. Each point of self damage equates to a +1 bonus to damage up to 3 points per caster level. The blood mage may not go unconscious from this damage or the spell will fail. The empowerment ritual causes the blood mage to lose his movement action for the turn. Rolls for spell failure are taken after the mage has completed the empowerment ritual. Blood must be drawn from a living creature or corpse no older than 10 minutes.

Level 1-
Minor Blood Manipulation- The blood mage may manipulate approximately 1 quart of blood. These manipulations include push, pull, apply pressure, ect. Based upon the complexity of the desired outcome, the blood mage will have to roll varying DCs to succeed.

Blood Bolt- Functions as Magic Missile (Players Handbook 1). May be empowered.

Suffering- The blood mage is able to rip and pull on the targets insides, dealing no damage but causing extreme pain. A DC 20 concentration check applies to valid targets. HP Cost: 1

Calm- By slowing the flow of blood through the body, the blood mage is able to calm his mind, giving a +5 on concentration checks for 1d4 rounds.

Level 2-
Disarm- By manipulating blood flow to key muscles, the blood mage may attempt to cause an opponet to drop a weapon or object being held within the hand. DC 15 +5 for each size class above medium.

Life Tap- The blood mage may take 1d6 of self damage in order to heal a target for 1d4. Should the blood mage go unconscious from this damage, the spell will fail.

Blood Boil- The blood mage causes the veins just below the skin of the target to burst, causing painful and unsightly blood blisters to form on the targeted area. Causes 1d8 damage. May be empowered.

Brain Death- By starving the brain of oxygen, the blood mage is able to deal 1d4 of intelligence damage to the target. Lasts 10 minutes per level. HP Cost: 2

Blind- By starving occipital lobe oxygen, the blood mage is able to temporary blind a target. Lasts 10 minutes after the mage ceases channeling per level. HP Cost: 1 HP per turn channeled

Amnesia- By starving key parts of the brain of oxygen, the blood mage is able to cause a target to forget all events that occurred in the past week(s). 1 week/caster level. May only cause amnesia in one week intervals.

Level 3-

Burst- The blood mage is able to pull blood with such force that it is able to break through the skin of a target. Causes 2d6 of damage and allows the blood mage to use the blood as a source through which to empower a spell. Amount of blood is based upon damage dealt. Blood obtained by this method is only a viable power source for 1d4 turns. The blood must be levitated by the mage in order to maintain its viability. Should the mage come under attack, he must make a DC 20 concentration check or spill the blood into the floor.

Paralysis- The blood mage is able to halt the flow of blood to a targets legs or arms, paralyzing them. Lasts 1d4 turns. HP Cost: 2

Blood Blades- The blood mage causes the targets blood to clot into razor sharp blades, dealing 1d6 bleeding damage for 1d4 rounds. HP Cost: 3

Coagulated Armor- The blood mage is able to use his own blood to create clotted armor. He may sacrifice 3 health for an extra 1 AC, effect can be stacked for a max of +5 to AC. Lasts 2 hours or until 10 combat damage is received; this shatters the armor.

Pulse Check- By reading the subject's heart rate, blood pressure, and other bodily systems, the blood mage gains a +15 on a single sense motive check per day.

Level 4-

Cardiac Arrest- The blood mage is able to stop the targets heartbeat in an attempt to slay him. Target must make a fortitude save to prevent death. Should the fortitude save succeed, target takes 2d6 damage. HP Cost: 5

Rupture- The blood mage focuses his power on the targets internal organs, attempting to damage them and cause trauma. Must succeed a DC 15 Knowledge check for strange targets (e.g. non-humanoids, celestial creatures). 5d4 damage upon success. Can be empowered. HP Cost: 3

Invigorate- By manipulating blood within the brain of a target, the blood mage is able to start the flow of adrenaline. Target affected by this spell gains +5 Str and +4 Con for 1d4 rounds. Target is immune to fear effects. Can only be used once per day per target. HP Cost: 3

Trauma- Spell replaces blood blades if added to spell list. Blades are now significantly larger and deal 3d4 for 1d4 rounds. At the end of the effect, target must make a fortitude save or have one limb lose function permanently. HP Cost: 3

Blood Mist- The blood mage is able to transform himself into a red mist. In this state, he is unable to be harmed. He may not attack, or cast spells, but can hover. Movement speed is increased to 100 feet. Can fit through any space that is not airtight. +10 to hide +30 to move silently.

Level 5-

Ultimate Sacrifice- This is a ritual in which the blood mage transfers all life force from either himself or a willing participant into a recently slain corpse. The ritual requires 6 hours to complete and requires 6 candles whose wax has been infused with the mages blood. Resurrected target takes standard constitution damage from the resurrection. Target's corpse must be fresh and decomposed. Using an unwilling donor is possible, however it reduces the spell's success chance to 25%. Should the spell fail, the donor and the corpse are converted into energy and destroyed, dealing 5d4 damage to all targets within a 30 foot radius. Reflex save reduces damage by half. Another resurrection may not be attempted. HP Cost: Target donor's total HP +10

Cerebral Rot- Replaces Brain death if added to spell list. Intelligence damage is now permanent. HP cost may be doubled to inflict the same damage to Wisdom. HP Cost: 4

Coagulate- The blood mage causes the target's blood to thicken, making movement very difficult. Target's Dexterity is reduced to 1 for 3 days. Target must make a DC 20 strength check or lose it's action for the round. HP Cost: 4

Teleport- The blood mage turns his form into magical energy that may then travel via planes up to 100 miles/level instantaneously.

Level 6-

Blood Whip- The blood mage creates a whip from his blood. The whip may strike at multiple targets within a 20 foot radius, up to a max of 3. Deals 5d6 slashing damage. Can be empowered. Empowerment allows hitting of more targets, one extra per HP lost, rather than bonus damage. HP Cost: 6

Blood to Acid- The blood mage is able to transmute a target's blood into a powerful acid, corroding the target. Target must make a DC 30 fortitude save or be completely dissolved. A successful save causes the spell to deal 4d6. Only one transmutation spell may be learned naturally.

Metal to Blood- The blood mage is able to transmute any metal object into twice the object's volume of blood. This blood may be used as a source of power for the blood mage. Only one transmutation spell may be learned naturally.

Skin Crawl- The blood mage is able to convert is body into blood and invade the body of a target. The blood mage sees, hears, feels, and, for all intents and purposes, is the target. The blood mage may assume control of the target whenever he wishes, but may also reside in the target for 1 month/level. The blood mage may introduce himself into the target stealthily upon succeeding a DC 30 sneak check.

Level 7-

Flay- The blood mage uses the targets own blood to flay him from the inside out. Deals 1d6/level. Affected targets lose 1d6 charisma permanently. HP Cost: 4

Life Sink- This ritual takes one week to complete and requires any gem that is red in color with a value over 500gp. The blood mage spends one week slowing drawing out a portion of his life force and placing it within the gem. Should the blood mage be slain, the gem will activate and revive the mage with one half of his total health. After this the gem is destroyed. The gem must be within 10 feet of the slain mage to function.

Mass Blood Mist- As Blood Mist, but affects up to 5 party members as well. HP Cost- 7

Level 8-

Needle Barrage- The blood mage causes a target's blood to form into barbed spikes that erupt from his flesh. Dealing 1d8/level to the target and 1d6/level to all within 30 ft. HP Cost: 10

Blood Diamond- The blood mage is able to use his blood to create a red gem worth 10,000 gp. HP Cost: 15

Mutual Suffering- The blood mage deals 1d8 damage to the target for each point of health sacrificed for this spell. HP Cost- Varying

Level 9-

Doom- The blood mage is able to link the life forces of up to 8 targets together. Should any of the targets be slain while the spell is in effect, all other targets are also slain. HP Cost- 15

Lifeblood- Using a small portion of his blood, the blood mage is able to resurrect a slain target. Target does not take constitution damage. The corpse of the slain target is required for the ritual. HP Cost- 20


Once you get into the higher levels, it gets a little hairy, I do have some fleshing out to do in the 7+ caster level spells, but I've got plenty of time for all that bullshit.

For now, give me some feedback, it all sounds great to me because I made it, so I want to hear other people's opinions.

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2Class: Blood Mage Empty Re: Class: Blood Mage on Sun Mar 25, 2012 9:11 pm


Sexy Beast
I think for the teleport, you should take at least one damage to do so. But that is just me.

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3Class: Blood Mage Empty Re: Class: Blood Mage on Sun Mar 25, 2012 9:17 pm


Resident Drunk
Resident Drunk
Seems reasonable enough. If I'm going to take damage, it might as well be a little more substantial, considering the spell level. I'll make it 5.

The main reason I didn't include damage was because I suppose I didn't intend for it to be used in combat.


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4Class: Blood Mage Empty Re: Class: Blood Mage on Sun Mar 25, 2012 9:18 pm


Sexy Beast
Also for the Skin Crawl, I think the target should have some sort of save or check when you come out of them to see if you take all the blood in their body or some portion of their blood with you or if they come out fine.

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5Class: Blood Mage Empty Re: Class: Blood Mage on Sun Mar 25, 2012 9:21 pm


Resident Drunk
Resident Drunk
Something I also considered. Shelved the idea because I didn't know what the fuck skill that would fall under, lul. I suppose a Knowledge: Arcana could work. Or Knowledge Nature.

I'll figure something out for that shit.

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6Class: Blood Mage Empty Re: Class: Blood Mage on Sun Mar 25, 2012 9:38 pm


Sexy Beast
It could also be a Fortitude save, maybe, or a Will Save. Just let me know whatever you figure out. But you did a nice job on the spells, well balanced.

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